Friday, February 15, 2008

The carrot, not the stick

I was thinking, sitting at the Investor Summit on Climate Risk at the UN yesterday, that there is just too much bad news here. It's unmanageable. In fact, I was downright relieved that they didn't let the press into the luncheon to hear keynote speaker Al Gore (who apparently didn't want the press present, though I can't figure out why not). To hear that the world as we know it will end - and that the only way of preventing that is to immediately take steps that experience would indicate are politically impossible - is paralyzing. Then I came upon this note by David Roberts. I think he's got it right. Fear will only get you so far. What really moves the world is desire. We need to paint a picture of what life could be.
Aspirational green | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist: "I'm starting to think that the thing to do is pivot completely from global warming to one-earth living. Global warming creates the condition of necessity. It is background. Foreground the positive opportunities: reducing energy bills through efficiency and green building; generating clean energy on-site or purchasing it via offsets or RECs; living in vibrant, walkable communities to boost health and wellbeing; enjoying food more, knowing where it comes from, how to grow and cook it; knowing that the material things in your life are not contributing to degrading the planet; having a good idea and making a fortune doing the right thing. These are things to aspire to."


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