Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's nice to be linked to, but....

I don't mean to pick on Chelsea Green, but.....

This morning they had a post publicizing Sandor Katz's new book (and a wonderful book I'm sure it is - I went to one of his workshops and not only did I have a ball, but I've been making kimchee ever since).

What worried me was their introduction, which said "We know that raw milk is now the single most briskly traded illicit commodity in the US, after illegal drugs. So what's the attraction?"

Not surprisingly - since I wrote it - that phrase "most briskly traded" leaped out at me. Only I didn't say it quite that way. What I said (in the story you'll find here) was: "Apart from illegal drugs, raw milk -- milk that's unpasteurized and unhomogenized, just as it comes out of the cow -- may be the most briskly traded underground commodity in the United States."

Note that: may be. I actually haven't a clue how many illegal drug trades there are in the US, let alone how many raw milk sales. But since I have certainly never heard of any illicit commodity besides drugs that's as popular as raw milk, I made a guess. A good guess, I hope - but a guess.

But as the story got passed around (and it has been, widely), the "may be" morphed into "is" and a new fake fact was born.

It's just kind of scary that it started with me.

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